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Velbastaður Lighthouse

Velbastaður Lighthouse Country: Faroe Islands
Longitude: W6° 51' 35.35"
Latitude: N61° 58' 52.64"
Taken: 8 years ago.
Velbastaður is on Streymoy's west coast in the south of the island, about five kilometres from Kirkjubøur. It has a beautiful view across the strait Hestsfjørður towards the islands of Hestur and Koltur. There has been a village here for many centuries, but it was deserted for some time after the Black Death in 1349.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Velbasta%C3%B0ur


Saksun Country: Faroe Islands
Longitude: W7° 11' 28.14"
Latitude: N62° 14' 54.78"
Taken: 8 years ago.
Saksun lies in the bottom of what used to be an inlet of the sea, surrounded by high mountains. The inlet formed a good deep natural harbour, until a storm blocked the inlet with sand. This made the old harbour become a unaccesible seawater lagoon (only accessible by small boats on high tide). The village has a Church and Museum. The Church was originally built in Tjørnuvík, but in 1858 it wa...


Eysturoy Country: Faroe Islands
Longitude: W6° 45' 53.96"
Latitude: N62° 5' 29.83"
Taken: 8 years ago.
Taken from a peninsular on the Faroese Island of Eysturoy.

Viðareiði Church

Viðareiði Church Country: Faroe Islands
Longitude: W6° 32' 38.87"
Latitude: N62° 21' 35.39"
Taken: 8 years ago.
Viðareiði is the northernmost settlement in the Faroe Islands and lies on the Island of Viðoy, which belongs to the Norðoyar Region. It lies on an isthmus with high mountains to both the north and south. The community is linked overland by a dam and tunnel system to the regional center of Klaksvík on Borðoy. The road to Viðareiði goes along the west coast of Viðoy, through the ...


Eiðiskollur Country: Faroe Islands
Longitude: W7° 6' 11.16"
Latitude: N62° 19' 8.69"
Taken: 8 years ago.
Eiðiskollur is a 343 metre high sea cliff near Eiði on the Faroe Islands, from the top of which a beautiful view can be had over the sea and the islands, including a view down onto Risin og Kellingin, two legendary rocks that rise 75 meters up from the sea. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ei%C3%B0i


Tjørnuvík Country: Faroe Islands
Longitude: W7° 8' 50.97"
Latitude: N62° 17' 38.23"
Taken: 8 years ago.
Tjørnuvík is the most northerly village on the Faroese Island, Streymoy. From the small boat harbour it is possible to see the high sea cliff of Eiðiskollur to the North-East. These cliffs tower almost 350 metres over the sea.


Sornfelli Country: Faroe Islands
Longitude: W6° 57' 52.81"
Latitude: N62° 4' 24.2"
Taken: 8 years ago.
Photographer's Notes: Being from Scotland, the Faroe Islands have always cropped up while looking at maps, ever since I was young. When I was planning a trip, by ferry to Iceland, I had the opportunity finally to visit these Islands, though my decision to actually get off of the ferry when it stopped here was because it somehow made the ferry ticket a little cheaper, so naturally, being Scottish,...

Aboard the MS Norröna

Aboard the MS Norröna Country: Faroe Islands
Longitude: W6° 54' 36.9"
Latitude: N61° 59' 19.5"
Taken: 8 years ago.
Aboard the MS Norröna shortly after it left Torshavn, the capital of the Faroe Islands, and headed North West towards Iceland.

Tórshavn from the MS Norröna

Tórshavn from the MS Norröna Country: Faroe Islands
Longitude: W6° 45' 54.51"
Latitude: N62° 0' 25.12"
Taken: 8 years ago.
Tórshavn is the capital city of the Faroe Islands and also the largest city. This is the home port of the MS Norröna. The ship travels from here to Denmark and Iceland.

Midsummer's day in Torshavn

Midsummer's day in Torshavn Country: Faroe Islands
Longitude: W6° 45' 57.66"
Latitude: N62° 0' 25.95"
Taken: 8 years ago.
Taken from the deck of the Smyril Line Ship Norröna on Midsummer's day 2012. The Faroese ferry stops at its home port before setting off to Iceland.