Sat 04 Feb 2012 : “Snow covered hills”

I've finally returned to Scotland after having spent 10 months looking around some fairly remore parts of Australia. While standing in Glasgow airport I was starting to think that I was crazy to leave that nice warm tropical Darwin climate behind and swap it for this! I can only say... "It's freezing", then I realised I was still in shorts and t-shirt.

Fri 13 Jan 2012 : “Waving goodbye to an old friend”

I just sold the 4 wheel drive that took me all around the deserts of Western Australia. I was a bit sad to see it go, but it is time to leave Australia, so keeping it would be a bit silly. The money will no doubt make way for some new venture. OK, so where to next?

Sun 30 Oct 2011 : “Back in Alice Springs”

I've arrived back in Alice Springs with a completely intact Toyota Landcruiser. It feels like a long time since I was here before, so much has happened since then. Its been 4 months since I left here to head west through the Deserts, I've clocked up quite a few kilometres and I feel like I know the country a little better now. The weather has just got far too hot to travel anymore, before I made the final run south to Alice I was in the Kimberley in Western Australia. Most days it was 42c and still around 34c at night. It was like hell! I'm so glad to be somewhere with aircon.